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The Story Thus Far

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04 Dec 2012 23:32 - 04 Dec 2012 23:44 by René W Nielsen #17564

René W Nielsen created the topic: The Story Thus Far

1st Session of "As the Sun Rises"
Hiruma Tadashi, Hiruma Hasami & Kitsu Ryuji have been selected by their clans & families to assist Emerald Magistrate Miya-Sama. It has been 7 weeks in the service of the honorable magistrate before they are (finally) given a task with which they can prove themselves.

The task seem simple enougth, the province of Katou hasn't payed any taxes the last 10 years, and as such is owing 700 koku. As the group readies themselves for the departure, servants of the magistrate come with horses to help them on their travels. After departing in the efternoon, the group reach a small village. As the samurai enter the village they look up a young boy in the stables and ask to talk to whom ever is in charge of the village. The boy quickly goes into one of the houses and an "older" man greet the samurai. The samurai ask for shelter for the night, however as the heinin readies three of the houses for the travelers they quickly state that they only require one roof. After two families have been ushed back to their home and the samurai settle in their temperary shelter, the samurai is presented with a feast. They eat to their hearts content (however decline second helpings). And after a good nights rest, travel onward to the Katou province.

As they approach the province they notice several things, to the west lies a fort, and in the northwest is a rather large forest, a rather large river seperates the province from this one which continues to the east and west. To cross the river you have to walk over a bridge, which seems to be guarded by two pairs of Unicorn Ashigaru. It is quite obvious for the group that people are walking up to the Ashigaru and to talk with them and some put some zeni or bu in a small box one of the ashigaru is holding. As the samurai cross the bridge, the ashigaru makes no attempt to stop them.

Having crossed the bridge they are now in the Katou province, and the road split, one going north towards the villages and the main road going west, most likely towards the fort and the western part of Rokugan. The samurai decide to visit the villages first, as they ride they notice that the earth here is a lot muddier than before and the mood of the place is rather depressing. As they enter the first village, they ask for the Magistrate of the province, Shinjo Nakamura, the samurai are told that "Shinjo-Taisan" lives further up the road near the river.

They travel onward and find a small house close to the river, where a lone person seems to be fishing. As they get close they notice his daisho by his side and a spear close to him. The samurai walk close to the lone figure, who seems to be ignoring them for the most part. As they get close enougth they start up a conversation, the samurai fishing is indeed Magistrate Shinjo Nakamura, he seems to be used to live a rougth life, he is rather well trained, however it seems that both his house and clothing are rather worn, even the traveling samurai's outfits are in better shape than the Magistrate. After a very short conversation the group is asked to look into things down at the village, the Magistrate doesn't seem too concerned with why the samurai are there.

The group return to the village and ask to see the elder, which brings some confusion in the village, after a bit of time a heinin between 30 and 40 comes forth, who seems to be technically the eldest besides the magistrate. It would seem that the living condition of the province are so harsh that very few reach an older age. After talking with the "elder" (dismissing him and "by the way"...), they decern that the magistrate has been here the last 10 years or so and that the unicorn started arriving around 8 years ago and the final arrival was 6 years ago or so, the elder doesn't seem to have the best memory of what has happened, which is attributed to the fact of not leaving the village after arriving.

Visiting the Fort

Visiting the Bridge

Back to the villages

Communing with the Kami

Talking with the Magistrate

"Pleasing" the Kami

Towards the forest

Inside the forest
The Pond

Out of the forest

Confronting the Migistrate

Chasing the Magistrate
The Bridge
The Fort

The Emerald Magistrate
Invitation to the Event

Shinjo Nakamura's Seppuku
Honored for his achivements in life
His second
Unicorn Clan pull out of the province

Nakamura's Memory - (box of "loot" as the player described it)
The Bandits

Who is going to administer the province? (When things get political)
Taking a stand
Looking into the fishing house, The Journal, The Scroll & The Go-set

The Journal

Once more in the Forest
Back at the Fort
Life is a tale of memories...

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