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04 Dec 2012 23:41 - 05 Dec 2012 21:20 by René W Nielsen #17565

René W Nielsen created the topic: NPC List

Miya Kenichi: Emerald Magistrate and the employer of the group

Shinjo Nakamura: The players "allowed" him to commit seppuku
Shinjo Setsuko: Believed to be the mastermind behind the taint in Katou, whereabouts unknown
Shinjo Aiko: Taisan in the Unicorn Clan and daughter of Shinjo Nakamura & Shinjo Setsuko

Ide Takadori: Gunsoo under Shinjo Aiko, was sent to the Katou pronvince.

Utaku Mikoto: Nikutai showing the players around the fort when they first entered.
Utaku Yoko: Nikutai protecting the players as they venture into the forest.
Horiuchi Teika: Nikutai that the players are familiar with.

"The Elder": A heinin the players encountered in the Katou province, who at the time was the eldest of all the villages.

Kataki Mirumoto: Leader of the "Bandits" in the forest in Katou.
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